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Never has there been more of a need for emotional intelligence at home as well as at work in what is an increasingly complex and blurred life. After 15 years working in organisations, education and with families, we recognise the importance of emotional intelligence across all areas of life, and the need to educate, train and measure emotional intelligence. Play Well For Life takes a novel and holistic approach and creates engaging games to train the skills children and adults need to be effective in life, using scientifically proven approaches.

Our evidence-based training programmes includes a suite of games, because we recognise games are the most effective way to engage and learn. Through games that target specific age-groups and learner-types, participants work towards developing EI by choosing actions and experiencing their consequences. By focusing on emotional intelligence as a whole, participants learn to discern which emotion(s) to prioritise to make sense of complex situations, ultimately benefiting mental health, relationships, professional fulfilment and life contentment.

Our founder and CEO, Dr Sarah Campbell, holds a PhD in the psychology of emotions, and her research underpins the game concepts. She has spent 15 years working in wellbeing, education and organisations as a consultant, including publishing work on immersive experiences as learning contexts, following a previous career in the creative industries. An experienced educator and consultant, Sarah co-founded a successful wellbeing app and worked on games in the children’s health and scientific communication sectors. In addition to her PhD in psychology, Sarah is a qualified mental health first-aider and has a certificate in counselling skills.


Our Approach



education about emotional intelligence



skill development using evidence-based games



assessment & progress tracking, feedback & impact monitoring

Our Team

Sarah is the brains behind the games. An experienced educator and psychologist with therapeutic training, Sarah’s professional experience told her there must be a better way to educate whilst having fun. Having had a previous career in the music industry, Sarah has integrated creative industry and arts-based approaches to facilitation, training and educating throughout her career. Endlessly curious and obsessed with ideas, when not behind a computer, Sarah can be found outdoors somewhere, usually with an animal, a book and a surfboard.
With 30+ years experience in CFO, CEO and Chairman roles, Ken sold his last company, Memset, in March 2020. He joins Play Well For Life with a passion for making a difference in the world and bringing a wealth of financial, management and business experience to our motley crew.
Stuart has two super-powers: he is both a seasoned CTO and an entrepreneur. Serious about innovation, seeking out the best new technology and solving business problems. Stuart has spent two decades in software engineering. His areas of particular interest include Scalable Cloud Architecture, Process Automation and No-Code. During screen breaks Stuart can be found going a bit too fast on his mountain bike in the Surrey Hills. He also loves drinking coffee and walking the dog.
Paul has 15 years experience in consulting. His areas of expertise include strategy, procurement, supply-chain and project management, working in three different continents. Having been raised through constant use of games throughout his childhood, Paul has found a challenge at Play Well For Life that strongly resonates with his personal experience.
Claire has a BSc in Psychology and Early Childhood Studies, with teaching qualifications in both English and PSHE Education. For the past 13 years, Claire has been leading departments and teaching in Secondary Schools. She recently left the profession to home educate her own children. Claire’s multiple roles as an experienced educator, parent and home educator, enable her to consider a variety of perspectives when designing and creating the educational content of our games. She can be found at her dining room table, covered in glitter, surrounded by half-finished drawings and home baked cakes!
Ciaran McKey and is an engineer who moved into the programming scene to follow his passions: Mental Health, Education and Self Improvement. From the perspective of self improvement, he is always eager to learn new skills and expand his knowledge base because he truly believes anyone can be whomever they want to be. He believes if you put enough time and effort into anything you will grow proficient at it.
Jae-Ho Kwak is from South Korea and is a ComSci student at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. When not studying or working he plays video games which he enjoys so much he took a gap year to go to Korea, attempting to become a professional. We can see how that went since he is currently here... Aside from gaming he enjoys playing the piano and guitar or occasionally picking up a pencil to draw.
Jack is from China, and whilst studying at Kings College London he is flexing his creative Minecraft skills for Play Well For Life!
Sam Westall and is the Lead Concept Artist for Play Well for Life. He’s worked in the games industry since 2012 with a variety of high profile game studios such as RARE Microsoft, Guerrilla Games Cambridge and Sumo-Digital. Art is his deepest passion and he’s been doing it before he could walk, but he also loves being part of a team and collaborating with a talented possy. Play Well for Life provides the best of both worlds.
Jamie is an insatiable pop culture monster who has tried making just about everything at some point; films, cartoons, comics, games. He’s been gaming since the 80’s and knows a fair bit. After going gradually insane in the joys of retail work, he went back to university in his thirties to be the grouchy old guy on a digital arts course. He often flip-flops between cute animals and blood-curdling horror for his creative projects, a strong indicator of his state of mind. He’s now an artist and animator for Play Well for Life, and can usually be found discovering, curating and chasing down the Loathsome Lifeforms.
Chrysavgi Patera is currently pursuing an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the University of Surrey. Her previous work experience enhanced her knowledge of digital marketing strategies and allowed her to become competent in representing a company effectively through social media and engaging with potential customers.
Al Tepper has 20+ years of strategic and operational marketing leadership experience and has worked with large global brands including Accenture, IBM, KPMG, Wipro, HCL, the Guardian and many more, along with hundreds of smaller organisations. His experience covers almost all areas of the marketing sphere for both business and consumer-facing organisations.