Lava Floor

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Lava Floor

Published on Jan 01, 0001 by Sarah Campbell

Lava Floor!

Problem-solving skills

You will need:

  • Permission to climb on the furniture
  • A stopwatch / timer

What to do:

  1. Ask your parent/carer to read through this activity and then ask them, VERY politely, if you may pleeeeease have permission to use one room in the home
  3. Now look around the room. If there is a lot of furniture, great. If there isn’t, you might need to set out some cushions, or other ‘islands’ on the floor (scrap paper will do).
  4. Set yourself (or each other if playing with someone else) a challenge. This could be to get to a door and escape, or to rescue an item you have placed somewhere.
  5. Whatever you do, REMEMBER: THE FLOOR IS LAVA. If you fall into the lava, you must start again!

KS2: You could also: Time yourself, each time trying to improve your time by varying the route/technique. Choose a different aim to increase, or decrease, the difficulty. Increase the difficulty by removing some islands. Take it outside and set up an obstacle course!

Learning Outcome: Children will learn to use planning and independent problem-solving skills. They will also do physical activity!

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