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Tally Home

Published on Feb 01, 2021 by Sarah Campbell

Tally Home!

Numeracy skills

You will need:

  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • A piece of paper

What to do: How well do the people that you live with know their home?!

  1. Choose five (or more if you like) things that you find in your home. Good examples are electrical sockets, cushions, light bulbs, door handles, windows, chairs… you get the idea!
  2. Now prepare a tally chart – something like the one above.
  3. You then need to go around your house looking VERY carefully for the items on your list. Tally them up and when you are sure that you’ve got them all, you can add up the total number of each item.
  4. Can the people you live with guess how many of each item you found? You could offer a prize for the person who guesses the closest total number – maybe you could make them a drink or do a job for them. Or you could make them a ‘winner’s crown’ to wear for the rest of the day!

Remember: To tally, you count in groups of 5, marking them like this:

KS2: You could also: Test your own knowledge by estimating the totals before you begin your tally. See how accurate you were when you add up the totals. Turn the results into a bark graph or pie chart – look in your maths book or online if you aren’t sure how to do this.

Learning Outcome: Children will learn to use a tally chart (or practise using one), will develop independent problem-solving skills. Some children will be able to display their results in graphical form.

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