Dragons of Afterlands augmented reality board game

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Dragons of Afterlands augmented reality board game


Augmented reality, physical, online

Dragons of Afterlands augmented reality board game

Want to engage teenagers with phones & digital games, yet still have the benefits of face-to-face social interaction? Dragons of Afterlands offers this! An immersive board game for adolescents, using Augmented Reality (AR) and in-game biofeedback to improve adolescent wellbeing, gameplay facilitates communication skills through storytelling, where players must learn wellbeing knowledge and skills to complete challenges to win the game. Useful for a school, healthcare or home setting, this game is about bringing people together to have fun whilst learning to feeling better!

Game Story:

In a world devastated by climate change, adventurers must travel to inhospitable environments in the dragon realms, competing, co- operating and storytelling with other players, whilst avoiding elf-magic, monsters and natural disasters. Guided by a dragonwitch avatar, adventurers must help the dragonwitch guide her baby dragons by completing wellbeing challenges to gain magic dragon eggs of wisdom. The first player to complete their mission by gaining their eggs of wisdom, preserving strength and making it back to earth, wins and restores balance to the earth and saves humanity

Available April 2021 We are taking pre-orders from 1st January 2021