Furry Feeling Frenzy game

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Furry Feeling Frenzy game



Furry Feeling Frenzy game

Furry Feeling Frenzy is a music-driven game for teenagers to develop emotional intelligence. Train your animals across ten mini-games, following linear progression as player and animals learn emotional awareness, emotion management and socioemotional skills, using both knowledge and skill development approaches, whilst also learning about ecology, conservation and climate change.

We recommend this game to schools, with one mini-game a month being played in PHSE lessons across the school year, with institutional access to a game dashboard to track and monitor progress.

This game can also be bought by parents and adolescents themselves who want to develop emotional intelligence and track their progress to ensure they attain this important life skill.

Game Story It is a post-apocalyptic world, where climate change has wiped out three quarters of the human population. Captive animals all around the world have been freed. But from years of being told how to behave, when to eat and confined to small cages, they have forgotten how to live in harmony with each other and in balance with nature. Their magical emotional powers are out of control. If they can re-learn their evolutionary wisdom, learn how to harness their magical emotional powers and learn to work together, they have the potential to bring balance back into the world. The player as the young keeper can train each of the animals, playing mini-games related to animal feeding, animal sickness and care and animal play, whilst taking care of the reserve, showing the animals how to harness their magical emotional powers and to grow up from babies to adults to restore the world to balance.

Available Sepetmber 2021 We are taking pre-orders from 1st April 2021