Learn The World: A Minecraft Adventure

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Learn The World: A Minecraft Adventure



Learn The World: A Minecraft Adventure

Learn The World is an exciting and immersive learning experience in Minecraft, covering 10 subjects of the KS2 national curriculum, with daily changing content developed by qualified teachers. Your children can learn all their subjects by visiting different worlds, such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Future Atlantis…where next? If your children love Minecraft, getting them to learn has never been easier. We provide you with a closed server, meaning we guarantee your children are safe online as you decide who they play with! Invite their friends to the server, ensuring you and your parent friends know what your children are doing in Minecraft and with whom. Free play is also timed, so your children must engage with the learning material to keep playing in Minecraft!


  1. 10 KS2 subjects, including Maths and English, with daily changing content developed by a qualified teacher
  2. A closed server, meaning you decide who is on the server with your children, ensuring their safety
  3. The normal Minecraft experience, along with additional mini-games and custom-made educational content
  4. Exciting custom-made worlds of Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Future Atlantis, providing an immersive learning experience for your children
  5. Time limits on free build time, meaning your children must engage with the educational content to keep playing in Minecraft

Each server can host up to 20 children, so invite your children’s friends to play! The more friends your children invite, the cheaper it is for you! The server costs £40 a month, so that is only: £2 per child per month for daily changing content covering 10 subjects! We recommend you create a group of parents who all contribute to the monthly cost. And to set up the server, it is as simple as clicking a Start button! Our first release requires Minecraft Java, running on a desktop or laptop, with Bedrock edition coming soon.

Want a 15% Lifetime discount on the monthly server subscription? The first 100 people to subscribe to a server when we launch on 22nd February 2021 will get a discount for life. For more information email: with the subject “LTW”, or visit: