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Digital transformation and the rise of AI is changing workplaces. As AI takes over automating processes and tasks, the role of people in the workplace will become increasingly relational. This is particularly needed at the moment with organisations suddenly finding themselves working remotely, fracturing cohesion and organisational identity.

People are uniquely placed to collaborate and create, but the greatest barrier to this is…people! How can you create a relational organisation, keeping it professional instead of introducing the messiness of the personal? Through our model of emotional intelligence: our evolutionary-based model applies the human element in the way nature intended – to intelligently gather and discern information to make effective decisions, requiring a set of useful skills.

An emotionally intelligent organisation is an organisation in which people come together to bring out the best in each other. This requires a set of skills, such as self and other awareness, self and other management and interpersonal skills that enable everyone to be accountable and collaborate together to be effective. To develop awareness, management and interpersonal collaboration requires skills such as:

  • Critical thinking & self-reflection
  • Resilience & perseverance
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Perspective-taking
  • Effective decision making

By developing these skills, evolutionary-based emotional intelligence is fostered: the ability to use relevant situational emotional information to guide actions, and discard other information. By fostering this type of emotional intelligence, what is created is the ability to identify contextual information (both internally and externally) and be able to discern what information is useful and what information needs discarding for making decisions. What this presents is a collaborative, effective and productive organisation, removing the mire of the personal and keeping things professional.

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We offer:

  • EI Audits of your organisation: evidence-based assessment using our framework & benchmarks
  • Strategic consultancy: based on your audit, strategic advice on embedding EI alongside your digital transformation strategy
  • Training for boards, executives and teams (remote or in-person): understand & embed EI
  • Webinars: educate your organisation about the importance of EI
  • Game-based measurement tools: coming in 2021: Map your teams and employees on a range of skills

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