Game. Connect. Transform.

We love games and believe they have the power to bring people together...and magic happens.

People talk, have fun and connect.

Games allow people to explore, learn and experiment...creating a safe space to fail...which is why we know they are the best way to develop life skills.

By using cutting edge technology, our games deliver personalised experiences, developing the specific skills individuals need, whilst immersing people in enjoyable, shared experiences.


Survive The Night

A unique music-based strategy game

Fun with Friends

A social deduction game centred around music and associated memories and emotions. Specific songs, chosen in secret by all players ahead of time, form the basis of this engaging, storytelling game to build communication skills, teamwork, wellbeing and group cohesiveness

Can you survive the night and stop the camp being infiltrated?

How well do you know your friends?

Choose your music & memories to connect through conversation

Designed by psychologists to improve your relationships & wellbeing

For groups of 6-14 people

Loathsome Lifeforms

Card Game & Book

Fun for Families

Meet the Monsters

Card game & storybook

Develop emotional literacy

Connect through conversation

Includes Carers' companion guide

Ages 5+

Made in Typedream