Dragons of Afterlands

Dragons of Afterlands is an augmented reality board game for 2-4 players, aged 13 and over. It has been developed in partnership with clinical psychologists as Royal Holloway University to develop wellbeing skills and improve communication of adolescents.


In a world devastated by climate change, adventurers must travel to inhospitable environments in the dragon realms, competing, co- operating and storytelling with other players, whilst avoiding elf-magic, monsters and natural disasters.

Guided by a dragonwitch avatar, adventurers must help the dragonwitch guide her baby dragons by completing wellbeing challenges to gain magic dragon eggs of wisdom.


The aim of the game is to travel to different realms to win magical dragon eggs to achieve your egg mission. Win eggs by completing challenges across the four realms, getting help from your Ally players.

The first player to complete their egg mission, gain at least 60 strength score and make it back to the start will win the game, restoring harmony to the earth, which has been devastated by climate change.

Players can play in-person, hybrid or fully remote. A game takes 35-75 minutes to complete. If you are interested in taking part in a trial, please contact: hello@playwellforlife.com 

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